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Naturally Getting Your Hair Back: Panjami Hair Oil and Why it Works

There are two things people dread when it comes to their hair: greying, and hair loss. Although these are both natural phenomena that take place with the passage of time, there are those who are lucky enough to not experience them. But there are also those who are unfortunate enough to experience one or the other-or even both-well before the expected age. But like every other problem out there, there is always a solution, and the best solutions are always natural.Of course, these are tough to come by in today’s market, but if you look deeper you’re bound to find great solutions such as natural Panjami hair oil for hair growth straight from Kerala, India.
About this Oil
Panjami hair oil hair growth is made naturally from a wide variety of natural herbs and other ingredients that are naturally found and grown, making this hair oil a perfect choice for restorative hair growth. The ingredients found in this hair oil for hair growthinclude golden apples (or bael), vernoiacinera, coconut oil and milk, aeglemarmelos, and many other herbs, fruits, and natural creations fresh from God’s own country. Unlike other products marked as “natural”, Panjami hair oil does not contain any artificial chemicals or additives at all, not even for making it smell better! The benefits that Panjami hair oil for hair growth hold are numerous:this cocktail of natural ingredients work best in restorative hair growth and give your hair the ability to return a nice, healthy shade of its natural color, prevent further hair loss, and put an end to pesky dandruff flakes that clutter your shoulders. Another benefit this natural hair oilfor hair growthholds is not just hair-related: it could even help you sleep better at night! All in all, thenatural and very effective hair growth will make you look and feel young again, giving you a great boost to your confidence and visibility.If you’re looking for a safe and natural way to get your back, Panjami hair oil for hair growth is the best choice available on the market.
But Does it Really Work?

Usually, anything labelled as “natural” for something like hair growth is met with skepticism on the market, and for good reason: most of these products are filled with artificial additives and chemicals that rarely work and present a host of harmful side effects; many times these formulas don’t even contribute to hair grow that all. Panjami hair oil for hair growth stands out from the crowd by being 100% natural and effective. Don’t believe us? Just do some more research and you’ll find that those who use it have nothing but positive results and things to say about this natural hair oil. Indeed, within a few months of use users have reported their hair growing back in full, complete witha healthy and natural color as if they were back in their twenties all over again, not to mention a complete lack of dandruff flakes. So why wait? Order a bottle of this all-natural hair oil now for complete and effective hair growth today!

* Disclaimer: Results may vary with person to person.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Natural Tip to Prevent Hair Loss

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Panjami Hair oil is one unique oil which is made of only herbs from God's own country, Kerala. If you want to see the results quickly, get one bottle and see the results. Kerala is popularly known as the land of Ayurveda where many herbal products are made. Panjami Herbal hair oil also hails from Kerala. You will not be having any side effects as they are not adding any chemicals into it. If in case your hair-fall is not reduced please call us back and we will suggest you how to use because some chemical shampoos may cause side effects . Buy a bottle of it and see how it changes your life. This is the easiest solution to protect your hair naturally. Panjami hair oil brings your confidence back. You will look younger with more hairs. No dandruff, no grey or white hairs at all. So use Panjami oil and be young always. For queries and orders please write to us to

* Disclaimer: Results may vary with person to person.

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How I got 1700 + Customers within 6 months?

My family uses hair oil which is prepared by ourselves and we are basically from Kerala. We got an ancient manuscript which contains the ingredients and methods to prepare the hair oil. So we were getting the benefits of the oil. We do not have hair fall, dandruff issues etc. And my dad, mom,sister, grandpa, grandma all have black hairs and everyone in the family have good healthy hairs. They never used any hair dyes. So this made me confident to give the oil to my friends and relatives. Since they also found it very effective, I thought it may benefit to others also. So I started selling it outside. After getting the license, I wrote this blog and I was getting enquires from India as well as abroad. So people started ordering the product by sending their address to my mail id @ or by giving a call or sms to 8884863555. Since I am not familiar with blog marketing and all, I was getting less traffic initially. But gradually, people who got results started recommending this product to their friends and my traffic got increased and my sale as well. The one unique thing which stands out Panjami hair oil from others is that it gives results within a month which no other hair oil can offer and its 100% herbal. This made us a good customer base. People who has queries used to chat with me either in Facebook or by Google chat or by commenting in the blog. Most of the customers that we got are from Bangalore. So now we have started a stock office in Bangalore in Indira Nagar nearby ESI Hospital. So the product is now readily available for customers in Bangalore without any shipping charges. J . I also would like to start branches in other parts of India as well. Once we establish our business in Bangalore, we will be starting the same. Also since I am also getting orders from abroad, I will be trying to get an international license for to reach out to those customers. Anyhow my journey has started and its 6 months old now. Thanks for all our prestige customers for your faith and support.

* Disclaimer: Results may vary with person to person.

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Customer Reviews and Feedbacks

Customer Reviews and Feedbacks of Panjami Herbal Hair oil

I have been using Panjami hair oil over 2 years, I have been self satisfied with the result of the hair oil and would like to promote this hair oil to all my friends out there who is worried about their hair.

I was suffering from severe hair fall for years, i had used almost all the products in the market but none gave the me a satisfying result. As per the promises made in advertisements none of them never met the expectations, though my hair fall reduced to an extent it never induced hair growth. Later when i finally gave up all experiments on my hair my friend suggested me this oil. For the first few days i did not have much expectations but later when my family members started to tell about  new follicles of hair which were appearing in the places where i lost them, i got back all my confidence and hopes which i lost using all unwanted products in the market. Now i am a regular user of this oil the oil not only stops hair fall but also starts the re growth of your hair and give your hair the natural blackness. I am really very happy of the outcome of this oil and encourage others to take up this oil. The oil costs Rs.190 but it's really value for money. One can invest this just to build confidence (by getting back natural hair which they once lost) in a group. I would take this opportunity to thank my friend who referred me this oil and also the makers of this oil and strongly recommend everyone who loves their hair to go for this oil, it's just out of experience.

" It was nice interaction with you for sending product. i would like to inform you with great pleasure your product is giving good result, so i humble requested to you please sent me 2 Bottle of oil ." 
"Glad to inform your oil is really working and liked by all my family members.I want to order 4 bottles this time. Could you please give me how the shipping charges are added for all the bottles delivery at one time along with price."
         " Hi Rahul,          How r you doing? Would like to share that this oil has       started working for me . "
         " hi rahul,
          i had taken one bottle i had used. it is i want to order more. "
          " Hi Rahul,          The oil is really being liked. Please send me two more bottles of the same oil."
          "Hi Rahul,          Now i need 3 more bottles of same Panchami hair oil. Please send it to below address.By the way its started working for me. Many Thanks."
* Disclaimer: Results may vary with person to person.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Best Buy Option Coming soon.

Dear Customers,
                  Request you to read other pages in the same blog in 2012 section.
            As per some of our customers suggestions, we are going to launch 100 ml bottles also apart from the regular 200 ml bottle which is currently available. This will be available in a month, hopefully from march onwards. Also we wanted to let you know that we are going to launch our product, panjami oil in Bangalore soon. We are also planning to enter into retail markets in Maharashtra as constant talks with wholesalers are going on now. We wanted to make the product readily available nearby your shop. So efforts have been started for this and hopefully we can do it soon. If you are looking for natural hair care recipes, then order now. We are making the oil with pure herbs in Kerala. The reason why I suggest you not to take up any artificial oils are because herbs can only act against dandruff. Order now at
Update: 100ml bottles are also available now and the price is 98 INR.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary with person to person.

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